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The composite hydraulic press mainly undertakes the molding process in the production process. It uses various special-shaped molds to form through high pressure and thermosetting. According to different molds and product formulas, composite material products of various shapes, colors and strengths can be manufactured by using a composite press machine.

The composite molding hydraulic press is suitable for compression molding of thermosetting and thermoplastic composite materials such as SMC, BMC, DMC, FRP, GMT, D-LFT, and G-LFT. We have SMC hydraulic press, BMC hydraulic press, carbon fiber press machine, and so on. This type of product has the characteristics of high efficiency, high configuration, high reliability, and low energy consumption. They are widely used in marine vehicles, construction petrochemicals, energy-building materials, electrical appliances, electronic communications, rail transit, aerospace, and other fields.

Application Of Composite Hydraulic Press

Composite hydraulic presses are currently mainly used in the pressing and forming of glass tempering, water tanks, meter boxes, trash cans, cable brackets, cable ducts, auto parts, septic tanks, resin drainage ditch covers, and other products. It is suitable for the fields of ships, automobiles, electric appliances, rail transit, and aerospace.

Hydraulic Trimming Press

The tensile force and blank holder force of the hydraulic trim press can be adjusted within a certain range.

The choice of the electrical system is controlled by PLC or a digital circuit equipped with display equipment.

The hydraulic press machine for automobile interior trim parts is equipped with photoelectric protection devices.

It is suitable for automotive ceilings, door leaves, sunroof panels, rear frame molding, etc.


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