Aerospace Industry

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Most of the manufacturing process of traditional aviation panels is done manually. A non-automated approach leads to inefficient behavior, and it is difficult to guarantee the accuracy of the sheet. With the development of automation technology, the aviation field adopts a more automated and controllable forming process – the hydraulic forming process, when preparing plates. With excellent performance, the hydraulic press reduces the cost of the abrasive tool, shortens the production cycle, and meets the requirements for precise control of sheet metal forming.

In the field of aerospace, sheet metal parts account for more than 20% of the total parts. In response to the urgent need for lightweight and integrated development of sheet metal parts in the aviation field, it can adopt a hydraulic press machine. Formable parts are:

  • Internal and external aircraft fuselage panels
  • Preforms for aircraft upper mouth frame parts
  • Engine oil pan
  • Compound Brake Parts and Assemblies
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