Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press

Deep Draw Hydraulic Press For Sale

The hydraulic deep drawing press is the basic hydraulic machine for sheet metal forming. It is a hydraulic press machine specially designed and manufactured for the industries of aluminum, copper products, stainless steel, and thin iron products, especially suitable for deep drawing of thin plates and press forming of stainless steel and thin plates.

Our deep-drawing hydraulic presses deliver repeatable and precise performance, providing the optimum process control needed to reliably form a wide variety of parts. Additionally, bed size, tonnage, stroke, speed, and more can be customized to your specific stretch-forming application. Hydraulic drawing presses are mainly used in the fields of aerospace and household appliances. They are used for deep-drawing of tableware, kitchen utensils, metal shells of motors and appliances, cover bottom plates, and lighting parts.

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Advantages Of Zhengxi Deep Drawing Press For Sale

1. Energy saving: Hydraulic and electric control adopt a servo electro-hydraulic composite servo system, saving 60%-75% of electricity.
2. High-precision: Ensure the repeat positioning accuracy of the machine can reach ±0.03mm, and the pressure error is ±1%.
3. Low failure rate: The Servo control system does not do useless work. The oil temperature is lower than the traditional system, and there is no negative pressure in the oil circuit system. Which extends the life of seals and hydraulic components.
4. The frame structure has good rigidity, high precision, and strong anti-eccentric load capacity.
5. The hydraulic control system adopts a plug-in basic system, which is reliable in action and has a long service life. The hydraulic impact is small, reducing the connecting pipeline and leakage points.

Application Of Deep Draw Hydraulic Press Machine

The deep drawing forming press is suitable for various stamping processes such as stretching, bending, forming, punching, blanking, and flanging of sheets. It is used for the molding of metal materials such as various containers and large automobile panels.

The deep drawing press has a wide range of applications. It can process different metal sheets by changing the mold, such as stainless steel water tanks, stainless steel sinks, anchor trays, heads, deep drawings of workpieces, shallow drawings of workpieces, auto parts, corrugated plates, motor windshields, fire fighting equipment, and other metal sheet stretch forming.


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