Wheelbarrow Manufacturing Machine

A wheelbarrow is a small vehicle propelled by human power. It is ergonomic, not subject to road restrictions, and can be used on rough roads. Our wheelbarrow manufacturing machine adopts a four-column structure. It is suitable for the press forming of trolley bodies, stainless steel sinks, and other metal products.

Structure of wheelbarrow-making Machine

Our wheelbarrow body’s deep drawing machine has a three-beam and four-column structure. The use of finite element structural analysis and optimized design can ensure uniform stress even in the case of a large table. The slider guide is a column cylindrical guide for easy maintenance. The hydraulic control system is a two-way insert valve integrated system. The main oil pump uses a YCY14-1B constant power axial piston pump. Use the CB-B gear pump as cooling and filtering equipment. The main cylinder of the slider of this stretching hydraulic press uses a piston cylinder. The original imported U-shaped sealing ring seals the oil cylinder.

Features of Wheelbarrow Manufacturing Machine

1. Electrical accessories

The electrical appliances are from well-known brands such as Siemens, which are safe and reliable. The switchboard circuit is clear. It is equipped with a time relay to realize delay control. Electrical schematics are provided upon delivery allowing customers to feel more assured and worry-free.

2. PLC touchscreen control

The intelligent system controls the parameters of the entire machine and adjusts the operation of each part. Parameter adjustment is quick and easy.

3. Cartridge valve system

Adopt a cartridge valve integrated system to reduce leakage points. The action is reliable and has a long service life. The two-way cartridge valve controls the flow direction and pressure of hydraulic oil, which makes the pressure more stable.

4. Host part

The main structural parts of the fuselage are all made of welded steel plates. Welding uses carbon dioxide gas-shielded welding to eliminate internal stress after welding.

5. Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system mainly consists of pumps, valve blocks, filling valves, cooling and filtering systems, pipelines, etc. It uses an electrical control system to control various actions of the hydraulic press.

Application of Wheelbarrow Manufacturing Machine

This series of hydraulic presses is suitable for various stamping processes such as secondary stretch forming, bending, forming, blanking, and flanging of thin metal plates, and can meet the pressing needs of multi-plane complex structures. In addition to being suitable for manufacturing unicycle bodies, it is also particularly suitable for the following fields:
Auto parts: body covers, brake pads, fuel tanks, chassis, axle housings, bumpers;
Home appliances: washing machine accessories, rice cooker accessories, TV accessories, refrigerator accessories, etc.;
Kitchen utensils: sinks, pots, stainless steel utensils, other containers;
Others: tractors, motorcycles, aerospace, aviation.

Parameters of Wheelbarrow Making Machine

Ejection forceKN100200250400630100012002000
Nominal pressureKN630100016002000315063001000020000
Slider strokemm5005005007008009009001400
Maximum opening heightmm70090090011201250150015001600
Ejection strokemm160200200250300300400450
Motor PowerKW5.57.51518.5224568134
Maximum working pressure  MPa2526.2262525262627
Workbench size(F-B)mm5005808009001200150016002000
Workbench size(L-R)mm5007108009001200150016002800
Empty trokemm/s76100100100>100>100>100>100
Gross weightT2.54712153848145

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