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Forging refers to a processing method that uses pressure to change the shape of metal raw materials to obtain forgings with certain mechanical properties, certain shapes, and sizes. Zhengxi is a professional forging press manufacturer producing various forging machines for metal fabrication.

Our forging hydraulic presses have the advantages of improving material utilization, reducing subsequent processing, good plasticity, and high mechanical properties. It adopts a hydraulic transmission system with high working pressure, large total flow, and large output power. In addition, the hydraulic system also has automatic protection devices, such as multi-stage overload protection, oil temperature alarm, and oil level alarm protection. The electrical system of the Zhengxi hydraulic forging press adopts mature PLC control, which can ensure the safety of equipment and operators. The working cylinder adopts a large-flow filling valve and an auxiliary oil tank for liquid supply, which can realize fast and efficient oil filling and replenishment.

As a professional hydraulic forging press manufacturer, we provide various types of forging machines, including free forging hydraulic presses, die forging presses, hot forging hydraulic presses, cold forging hydraulic presses, etc. Common tonnages are: 800T, 1250T, 1600T, 2000T, 2500T, 3500T, 4500T, 5000T. Customers can choose hydraulic presses with suitable tonnage and structure according to the needs of forgings. In addition, we also provide customized services.

Forging Presses We Provide

Application of Hydraulic Forging Press

Forging has technical advantages unmatched by other production methods. It makes up for defects such as gaps left in the casting process, makes the crystallization in the metal fine and compact, and makes the parts have a longer service life in use. Forged parts are widely used. Aircraft, automobiles, diesel engines, weapons, petrochemical, mining, and many other aspects are applied to forged parts.

Forging hydraulic presses are mainly used to manufacture these forged parts. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the following fields: auto parts, household appliances, kitchen utensils, aerospace, navigation and aviation, oil pipelines, valves, pressure vessels, construction industries, etc.

Forging Production Line Center

We provide professional forging production line solutions.

Connecting Rod Forging Production Line

Mainly introduces the production process of the connecting rod forging production line, the forging process block diagram, process analysis, connecting rod forging video, and related forging equipment in the forging line, etc.

Hot Forging Line For Flanges Production

The introduction of flange forging production line mainly includes: flange forging process, flange forging process comparison, flange forging video, etc.

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