Industrial Applications

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Hydraulic press machines are especially well-suited for industrial applications, solving problems such as high volumes, complex parts, geometries, and processing various materials. It can perform various processes such as bending, forming, and flanging of center-loaded parts. After being equipped with a punching buffer device, it can also be used for punching and blanking processing. It is a professional product for the shipbuilding industry, pressure vessel industry, chemical industry, and other industries.

In addition, industrial hydraulic presses can also be used for the pressing process of shaft parts, the calibration, crimping, and pressing process of profiles, and the bending, wrangling, shaping, embossing, sleeve-type, stretching, and pressing processes of plastic materials such as stamping, bending, flanging, thin stretching, and other operations. The industrial fields that Zhengxi hydraulic press can be used in are:

  • Sealing element
  • Bearing
  • Production of wind turbine components
  • Valves and pumps
  • Printer roller
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