Production Process

Complete Hydraulic Press Manufacturing Process

As a professional hydraulic press machine manufacturer, Zhengxi has a complete hydraulic equipment manufacturing process, from design, production, and assembly to transportation. The whole process is in line with national and industry standards. Strictly control every link to ensure the quality of every place. Zhengxi‘s goal is to provide safer, more stable, and more efficient products.

hydraulic press drawing

1. Design

Using full 2D or 3D CAD drawings to design high-quality hydraulic press that meets specifications and approval requirements by customers.

fiber laser cutting

2. Cutting

CNC automatic cutting according to the 2D CAD drawing layout that is designed according to specifications approved by customers.

people is welding

3. Welding

Perform the grinding work and remove elements hindering the operations, scale, slag, and another welding by using the specified welding rod (CO2 wire).

Annealing machine

4. Annealing

Improved the reduction of residual stress and material quality of the welding section by annealing (heat treatment).

5. Shot

Remove the mill scale and impurities on the surface for the high quality of the hydraulic press machine. (air shot blast)

Perform process operations

6. Processing

Perform process operations in accordance with materials, dimensions, tolerances, and illumination specified in the design specifications. (CNC boring, planer)

Assemble the hydraulic press

7. Assembly

Enhance foreign image and improve product quality by performing the plumbing, wiring, assembly, test operation, and paint job according to specifications.

package hydraulic press machine

8. Packaging

Packaging operations in preparation for damage, waterproofing, moisture-proof, theft, loss, temperature, and corrosion by the impact of the product.

Deliver the machine

9. Delivery

Deliver hydraulic presses by dispatching appropriate transportation vehicles after checking the block-specific weight of products.

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