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4000T h frame hydraulic press

The H-frame press is a smaller type of press, which is more convenient to carry and use. It adopts a double-column structure, which is simple, economical, and practical. The H-frame hydraulic press machine is equipped with a hand pump and is generally used for small-batch production.

Our products range in capacity from 10 tons to 200 tons and are widely used in forging, riveting, forming, blanking, stamping, deep drawing, and metal forming operations. It is suitable for the pressing operation of large, medium and small enterprises, factories, industrial mines, and auto repair shops.


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Features of Hydraulic H Press

  • The H-type hydraulic press has a two-dimensional adjustment design, which can move the pressing plate up and down and the hydraulic jack left and right.
  • The unique hydraulic lifting device can easily adjust the platen vertically.
  • Rolling design, convenient to move the hydraulic jack left and right.
  • The upper end can choose a 10T-500T jack, stroke 50 mm-1000 mm.
  • There is a height adjustment hole at the lower end of the press. And the platform can be adjusted according to the height of the pressed object for convenience.
  • According to user requirements, manual, electric, and pneumatic hydraulic pumps can be selected as power sources.

The Advantages of Zhengxi H Frame Press

  1. Premium welded frame for maximum strength and long life.
  2. Ability to create more complex shapes and save material.
  3. The hydraulic control adopts the cartridge valve integrated system, which has reliable action, long service life, and a small hydraulic impact.
  4. Reduced connecting pipes and leakage points.
  5. Independent electrical control system, reliable operation, intuitive operation, and convenient maintenance.
  6. Select buttons for centralized control, with two operation methods of adjustment and a single cycle with both hands.
  7. Working pressure and stroke can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process requirements.

Application of H Type Hydraulic Press

H frame hydraulic press is widely used in assembly and disassembly, straightening, alignment, stretching, and other operations in the electromechanical industry. It provides rotor press-fitting, nail silicon steel sheet positioning, and forming press-fitting for the electromechanical manufacturing industry. It is also a pressure device for products in the modern auto repair industry and other industries.

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