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Powder Compacting Hydraulic Press Machine

Powder compacting hydraulic press, as the name suggests, is to aggregate various powdery substances into solids of a certain shape (group, ball, block, cake, etc.) through the cooperation of the mold and under the pressure of the hydraulic press. It is mainly suitable for the molding process of powder, granules, fiber, and other materials, including the compression molding of cattle and sheep salt bricks, metal powder, ceramic powder, fish bait, nutrient soil, bath salt balls, medicinal powder, tea, seaweed, etc.

Common powder molding products include animal salt bricks, square fishing baits, Chinese medicine blocks, tea cakes, grinding wheels, brake pads, moxa sticks, heat insulation rings for induction cookers, refractory bricks, graphite rings, carbon rod feed bricks, copper, iron and aluminum chips. , ceramics, sweet field, sagger, which bell, pet feed, and so on.

A hydraulic powder compacting press is also called a dry powder-forming hydraulic press. This hydraulic press is mainly hydraulic and has the advantages of fast forming, low power consumption, uniform product structure, good strength, no pollution, low noise, no need to irrigate the foundation, less investment, and quick results. It is very suitable for hydroforming of various dry powder, powder, and other material products.


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Working Principle of Powder Forming Hydraulic Press

Firstly, use the distribution cylinder to push the powder into the mold, and use the rotation of the motor to drive the oil pump to work. The hydraulic oil in the oil tank is extracted, transported through the hydraulic oil pipe, and sent to each hydraulic cylinder. Drive the piston rod of the oil cylinder to move longitudinally to compress the material into blocks. It can be molded directly without adding any additives during the whole production process, and the material of the powder remains unchanged.

Hydraulic Powder Press Types

According to the characteristics of the material, powder forming hydraulic presses are divided into metal powder compacting hydraulic presses, ceramic powder hydraulic presses, graphite powder compaction presses, abrasive products hydraulic presses, refractory brick refractory material hydraulic presses, scrap metal powder briquette machines, particle steel hot briquetting hydraulic presses, cattle and sheep brick licking hydraulic press, iron powder briquette hydraulic press, metal shavings briquetting machine.

According to its production process, the fuselage structure is commonly used: three-beam four-column hydraulic press, four-beam four-column hydraulic press, five-beam four-column hydraulic press, etc. which are generally customized according to actual production needs.

According to the required pressure, the commonly used tonnages of hydraulic powder compacting presses are 200 tons, 315 tons, 400 tons, 500 tons, 630 tons, 800 tons, 1000 tons, 1250 tons, 1500 tons, 1800 tons, 2000 tons-5000 tons, etc.

Advantages of Zhengxi Hydraulic Powder Compacting Press

High precision

Powder compacting hydraulic press adopts four-column and three-plate structure. The vertical accuracy of the movable plate is controlled by four precision guide bushes. And the parallel accuracy of any point between the lower working surface and the upper working surface is within 0.03MM.

Accurate positioning

Adjustable mechanical positioning of oil cylinder (accuracy 0.05mm), position ruler electric positioning (accuracy 0.03mm), pressure sensor pressure positioning (accuracy 0.1kgf).

High safety factor

Comprehensive safety design. The flat head button is started by both hands, and the machine can be started by jogging at the same time within 0.5 seconds. They are emergency stop switch and safety grating.

Convenient mold adjustment

The hydraulic powder press machine is equipped with up and down inching buttons, which is convenient for mold installation and calibration.

The system is easy to adjust

The pressure is adjusted by the relief valve, the speed is adjusted by the speed control valve, the stroke is adjusted by the proximity sensor and the fall time. Record decline pressure holding time and count output.

Energy saving

Since the hydraulic cylinder is a fast combination cylinder, the motor only needs 2.2 kilowatts of power. The machine stops for 10 minutes, and the motor stops automatically to prevent unnecessary power consumption caused by not operating the machine. When working, you only need to restart the motor.

The production efficiency of the fully automatic powder forming hydraulic press is high

The hydraulic press adopts a master cylinder, which can realize rapid rise and stable pressurization of the hydraulic press, and improve production efficiency.

Low noise

The noise does not exceed 60 decibels when the device is in standby.

Ease of material return and cleaning

The working surface is equipped with a material chute and blowing device.

Optional Equipment for Powder Compacting Hydraulic Press

Mobile workbench

Punching buffer device

Blank holder slider

Photoelectric protection device

Floating rails and rolling brackets for touch

Mold quick clamping mechanism

Stroke, pressure, digital display digital device control device

Touch industrial display

Hydraulic system heating and cooling device

Application of Hydraulic Press for Powder

The powder forming hydraulic press is used in powder metallurgy, fine ceramics, magnetic materials and related industries that require powder compaction, especially for automatic dry compaction of powder products with complex shapes.

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