Maintenance and Inspection

Comprehensive Hydraulic Press Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance is very important for the life of the machine. We have experienced hydraulic press maintenance personnel to provide you with professional maintenance services and escort your machine.


Beams, Columns, and Rails

1. Check and adjust the plane of the hanging beam, the guide rail of the column, the guide sleeve, the slider, and the pressure plate to make it move smoothly and meet the process requirements.
2. Repair or replace defective parts.


1. Disassemble, wash, and overhaul the solenoid valve, grind the valve, and the valve core.
2. Clean and check the plunger of the oil pump cylinder, repair the burrs, and replace the oil seal.
3. Calibrate the pressure gauge.
4. Repair or replace severely worn parts.
5. Drive to check that each oil cylinder and plunger run smoothly without crawling.

electrical box of hydraulic press

Electrical Appliances

1. Clean the motor, check the bearings, and renew the grease.
2. Repair or replace damaged components.
3. The electrical appliance meets the requirements of the equipment integrity standard.


1. Calibrate the level of the machine tool, and check and adjust the repair accuracy.
2. The accuracy meets the requirements of the equipment integrity standard.

The hydraulic press require professional personnel to carry out special maintenance so that it can be used for a longer time!

Inspection of Hydraulic Press

The inspection before the trial operation of the hydraulic press and the regular safety inspection are effective methods to reduce the number of failures of the hydraulic press and avoid machine damage and personal injury accidents. It is an equipment management system that the user unit should form.

test hydraulic press machine

Pre-run Check

1) Check whether the bolts, screws, nuts and other fasteners on the hydraulic press machine are loose or fall off due to accidents.

2) Check whether the limit device and stroke control device of the motorized parts of the hydraulic press are loose and whether the state is normal.

3) Check the parts that may be damaged after being misadjusted and turned on.

4) Check and remove debris that may hinder the movement of motorized parts.

Regular Safety Check

  • Check and calibrate indicating devices such as pressure gauges.
  • Replacing the hydraulic section requires replacing the sealing elements.
  • Check the overload protection device of the hydraulic and electrical systems of the hydraulic press.
  • Check the control and emergency stop devices of the electrical system, restore their original performance. And replace components, such as limit switches, if necessary.
  • Check the connecting wires and grounding protection devices of electrical equipment to prevent loose joints, loose components, damaged insulation, and aging.
  • Check the integrity of safety protection devices, such as protective grilles, protective covers, etc.
Check the countertop

The problems found in the regular safety inspection of the hydraulic press machine must be repaired in time according to the instructions to ensure the safety of it.

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