GN pan presses use the ductility of metal sheets to stretch metal sheets through molds. According to the different stretching depths, there are many common types, such as lower-top cylinder stretching, multi-rod hydraulic pad stretching, and mold stretching. From the machine design structure, there are four-column deep drawing hydraulic presses, H-frame deep drawing presses, etc. Commonly used equipment includes 630-ton stretching presses, 1000-ton stretching presses, and 1500-ton stretching presses.

Zhengxi‘s GN pan hydraulic press is specially designed for stainless steel GN pans. The machine body adopts a three-beam four-column structure and the equipment cost is economical. It is widely applicable. In addition to being used for forming stainless steel pans, it can also be used in fastener factories, auto repairs, the hardware industry, auto parts companies, mining, electronic components, the pump industry, electrical equipment, and other industries.

Features of GN Pan Making Machine

  1. Four-column guide, stable structure, high rigidity, low energy consumption, stable performance.
  2. The drawing and blanking force can be adjusted within a certain range. The effective stroke of the slider is adjustable.
  3. The electrical system can be optionally controlled by PLC or digital circuit according to customer requirements, and equipped with a display device.
  4. The upper and lower limit protection of the movable crossbeam can be adjusted.
  5. The four-column hydraulic press can be equipped with a safety protection grating device to protect the personal safety of workers in real time.

Advantages of the Stainless Steel GN Pan Presses

  • Professional cylinder sealing components, strong reliability, and long life.
  • The guide rail automatic lubrication device fully protects the guide column and maintains accuracy.
  • Mechatronic safety devices, such as cylinder lower chamber support circuits, cylinder upper and lower chamber interlocking circuits, etc. All have good safety.
  • The hydraulic control adopts a cartridge valve integrated system with few leakage points, small impact, and reliable action. It can effectively protect the service life of the mold and equipment.
  • The main hydraulic seals are selected from brand products, which provide a reliable guarantee for the sealing performance of the equipment.

Details of Deep Drawing Press for Steel GN Pans

1. Hydraulic cylinder

The hydraulic cylinder is a piston structure. The key seal of the cylinder uses an international seal ring with good anti-aging and sealing performance. The cylinder body is made of 5# forged steel. The surface is treated with transition hard chrome to prevent scratches and not easy to leak.

Hydraulic cylinder

2. High-pressure oil pipe

The oil circuit uses high-pressure seamless steel pipe. It has a longer service life and stronger pressure-bearing capacity than traditional high-pressure hoses.

High-pressure oil pipe

3. Hydraulic system

It adopts a plug-in integrated system, which is sensitive, reliable, and has better sealing. The oil pump suction port is equipped with a straight-through oil suction filter to ensure the cleanliness of the oil and guarantee the service life of the oil pump and valve.

Hydraulic system

Application of GN Pan Hydraulic Press

In addition to the stainless steel GN pan forming process, the hydraulic press for GN pan pressing can also produce the following products according to different molds:

Containers: aluminum or copper hot pots, utensils, rice cookers, stainless steel liners, aluminum liners, etc.
Automotive industry spare parts: diesel engine spare parts, tractors, motorcycle spare parts, automobile covering parts, etc.
Daily utensils: thin plate stretching, stainless steel cups, aluminum pot lids, stainless steel kettles, copper spoons, barbecue outdoor products, plates, etc.
Metal products: air conditioner shells, water heater shells, heater stretching, boiler heads, etc.
Furniture: hardware furniture stretching, daily industrial product stretching, lamp shell stretching, gas stove shell, household appliance parts, etc.

gn pan -1

Parameters of GN Pan Presses

Maximum liquid pressureMPa2525252525
Slider strokemm900900900900900
Maximum opening heightmm15001500160016001600
Workbench sizemm1500*15001500*15001700*16002000*16002000*2000
Idle stroke descent speedmm/s120120120120120
Working speedmm/s6-156-125-104-85-10
Return speedmm/s9080706085
Motor powerKW37*237*237*237*237*2
Oil pump displacementml/r160*2160*2160*2160*2250*2
Ejection forceT125125200200250
Ejection strokemm350350450450450

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