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gn pans

GN Pan Presses

GN pan presses use the ductility of metal sheets to stretch metal sheets through molds. According to the different stretching depths, there are many common types, such as lower-top cylinder stretching, multi-rod hydraulic pad stretching, and mold stretching. From the machine design structure, there are four-column deep drawing hydraulic presses, H-frame deep drawing presses, etc. …

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Bulletproof Helmet Making Hydraulic Press

In the military and security fields, the safety of soldiers and police officers is of paramount importance. As the key protective equipment for their heads, the quality and performance of bulletproof helmets are directly related to their survivability. With the continuous advancement of technology, the manufacturing level of composite bulletproof helmets is also constantly innovating. …

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Stainless Steel Water Tank Hydraulic Press

The stainless steel water tank hydraulic press is a piece of equipment specially used to manufacture stainless steel water tanks. The hydraulic system provides power to realize the pressing and forming of stainless steel plates. Our stainless steel water tank plate stretch forming hydraulic press adopts a three-beam and four-column hydraulic press structure and is …

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Automated Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) Production Line

HP-RTM stands for high-pressure resin transfer molding. It refers to the use of high-pressure pressure to mix and inject resin into a vacuum-sealed mold pre-laid with fiber reinforced materials and pre-set carbon parts. After the resin flows to fill the mold, soak, dissolve and demould, the composite material product is obtained. RTM & HP-RTM molding …

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RTM Press

Resin transfer molding (RTM) refers to a composite material molding process in which resin is injected into a preform and solidified together to form an overall structure. This process is increasingly used in low-cost molding technology for advanced composite materials. RTM presses are specially designed for the RTM process. Our RTM forming press has the …

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