Stainless Steel Water Tank Hydraulic Press

The stainless steel water tank hydraulic press is a piece of equipment specially used to manufacture stainless steel water tanks. The hydraulic system provides power to realize the pressing and forming of stainless steel plates. Our stainless steel water tank plate stretch forming hydraulic press adopts a three-beam and four-column hydraulic press structure and is equipped with standard stainless steel water tank plate stamping dies. It can produce stainless steel water tank plates of various specifications. The stainless steel water tank hydraulic presses provided by Zhengxi include 100 tons, 200 tons, 315 tons, 500 tons, 630 tons, etc.

The stainless steel water tank is precision molded from SUS304 stainless steel plate. Compared with other water tanks, stainless steel water tanks have many advantages such as beautiful appearance, lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, easy installation, no maintenance, and easy cleaning. This kind of water tank is formed by cutting stainless steel plates into required specifications and molding and stretching them in one go using a deep drawing press.

Zhengxi’s stainless steel water tank hydraulic press is very suitable for the stretch forming and pressing of stainless steel spliced water tank plates. It can press stainless steel water tanks of various sizes such as 500500mm, 5001000mm, 10001000mm, 10002000mm, etc. It can form round water tank plates, curved water tank plates, chocolate water tank plates, and other stainless steel water tank plates.

Structural Features of Stainless Steel Water Tank Hydraulic Press:

  1. The fuselage has a three-beam and four-column structure and is made of all steel plates CO2 welded. After welding, it is tempered and vibrated to ensure that the fuselage will never deform.
  2. The hydraulic system is located inside the fuselage, with a beautiful appearance and easy operation.
  3. This series of presses is equipped with independent hydraulic and electrical control systems. Using button centralized control, it can realize two molding processes of fixed stroke and fixed pressure and has functions such as pressure display and stroke and pressure adjustment.
  4. The guide pillar and piston rod are hard chromium plated after medium-frequency quenching and will never rust or roughen. The oil inlet of the oil pump is equipped with a unique filtering device to ensure the service life of the oil pump and valve.
  5. The oil line connection adopts an imported high-pressure hose, which greatly reduces the machine’s noise.
  6. One machine can be used for multiple purposes. Stainless steel water tanks of different sizes can be processed by changing the mold.
stainless steel water tank making machine

Advantages of Stainless Steel Water Tank Plate Making Machine:

1. High pressure

The stainless steel water tank forming press has a large pressure output capability. It can exert high pressure on the stainless steel plate to bend, fold, and form it under the action of the mold, ensuring that the water tank has a strong structure and good sealing.

2. Precise control

The hydraulic press is equipped with an advanced control system, which can achieve precise control of parameters such as pressure, speed and position, ensure the consistency of the size and shape of the stainless steel water tank, and improve product quality.

3. Multifunctional operation

Stainless steel water tank hydraulic presses usually have multiple operating modes and functions, such as manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic modes. It can be selected according to actual needs, providing more operational flexibility.

4. Safe and reliable

Hydraulic press machines are usually equipped with a variety of safety protection devices, such as overload protection, emergency shutdown, and protective covers, to ensure the safety of operators and equipment. At the same time, the key components of the hydraulic press are made of high-quality materials and advanced processes, with high quality and reliability, and can operate stably for a long time.

ss water tank hydraulic press

5. Energy saving and environmental protection

The stainless steel water tank-making machine uses a hydraulic system as the power source. Compared with traditional mechanical presses, it can save energy consumption and reduce environmental impact.

Workflow of Stainless Steel Water Tank Plate Forming Hydraulic Press:

  • Material preparation: Prepare the stainless steel water tank plate materials to be processed and cut them into corresponding sizes and shapes according to the design requirements.
  • Mold selection: Select the appropriate stretch-forming mold according to the shape of the water tank plate to be made.
  • Adjust hydraulic press parameters: According to the properties of the material and molding requirements, adjust the pressure, speed, and other parameters of the hydraulic press to ensure stable and efficient processing.
  • Place materials: Place the stainless steel water tank plate on the mold so that it matches the shape of the mold.
  • Hydroforming: Start the hydraulic press. The hydraulic cylinder begins to apply pressure, causing the stainless steel water tank plate to undergo tensile force and gradually deform to the shape of the mold.
  • Monitoring process: During the molding process, operators need to monitor the processing status to ensure that the molding process proceeds smoothly and avoids problems.
  • Check the finished product: After the molding is completed, take out the finished product and conduct a quality inspection. Check whether its shape and size meet the requirements.
  • Follow-up processing: As needed, further processing is performed on the finished product, such as welding, polishing, etc.
ss water tank

How to Choose the Tonnage of Stainless Steel Water Tank Plate Stretching Hydraulic Press:

  1. The size of the workpiece and the hardness of the material to be processed. The larger and harder the workpiece is, the greater the pressure required, so the corresponding tonnage needs to be selected.
  2. Production efficiency. The 1,500-ton stainless steel water tank plate stretching hydraulic press has higher production efficiency and is more suitable for batch processing operations.
  3. Economical. The larger the tonnage of the hydraulic press, the higher the cost, so the selection needs to be based on production needs and economic conditions.

As a professional hydraulic press making factory, we provide high-quality ss water tank making machines. If you have any needs, contact us!

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