Bulletproof Helmet Making Hydraulic Press

In the military and security fields, the safety of soldiers and police officers is of paramount importance. As the key protective equipment for their heads, the quality and performance of bulletproof helmets are directly related to their survivability. With the continuous advancement of technology, the manufacturing level of composite bulletproof helmets is also constantly innovating.

Composite bulletproof helmets and anti-riot helmets are generally made of fiberglass fabric, Kevlar fiber fabric and thermoplastic resin. It includes a waterproof layer, a fireproof layer, an aramid fiberless fabric layer and a resin layer. This composite bulletproof and explosion-proof helmet has the advantages of good bulletproof resistance, lightweight, simple molding process, and low cost.

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The bulletproof helmet molding hydraulic press machine plays a key role in creating a strong fortress of head protection due to its precision manufacturing characteristics. The tonnage of this machine is available in 200 tons, 315 tons, and 500 tons. You can choose one mold to produce one, or one mold to produce two. As a professional hydraulic press manufacturer, Zhengxi can produce aramid bulletproof helmet hydraulic presses of suitable models and tonnage according to the parameters of the helmet mold provided by the customer.

This article will introduce in detail the process flow, technical characteristics, manufacturing advantages, and application examples of the bulletproof helmet forming hydraulic press, giving everyone an in-depth understanding of this model.

The Process of One-time Molding of Aramid Helmets:

  1. Cutting: Determine the shape and size of sheet cutting according to the structural shape of the product, feeding position, and process, and make sample cutting materials. The cutting shapes are mostly square or round. The size is mostly based on 40%-80% of the projected surface area of the product.
  2. Weighing: Determination of the amount of material to be added.
  3. Clean the mold: Before pressing, clean the mold thoroughly and apply a release agent. Before adding materials, wipe the release agent evenly with clean gauze to avoid affecting the appearance and quality of the product.
  4. Material placement: The position and method of placement directly affect the appearance, strength and directionality of the product. Normally, the feeding position of the material should be in the middle of the mold cavity. When stacking multiple layers of sheets, it is best to stack the pieces of material in a pagoda shape with a small top and large bottom.
  5. Press mold: When the material block enters the mold cavity, the bulletproof helmet molding press moves down quickly. When the upper and lower molds are matched, slowly apply the required molding pressure. After a certain curing system, the molding of the product is completed. During the molding process, various molding process parameters and press operating conditions must be reasonably selected.
  6. Demolding: The curing time of SMC at the molding temperature (also called the holding time) is related to its properties, curing system, molding temperature, product thickness and color, and other factors.
  7. Take out the model:
  8. Inspection: Check whether the product is defective and qualified.

Technical Characteristics of Bulletproof Helmet Forming Hydraulic Press

  • The hydraulic press for making bulletproof helmets is a professional manufacturing equipment that integrates precision machinery, advanced hydraulic technology and intelligent control. It uses a high-precision hydraulic transmission system to achieve precise control and rapid pressing of raw materials to create high-quality, high-performance bulletproof helmets.
  • Precision mechanical structure: The bulletproof helmet making hydraulic press adopts a precise mechanical structure design to ensure that the equipment maintains stability and reliability during high-speed operation. At the same time, its high-precision mold design can ensure that the shape and size of the helmet are accurate and meet the protection needs of various complex environments.
  • Advanced hydraulic technology: The hydraulic system is the core component of the bulletproof helmet forming hydraulic press machine. It uses advanced hydraulic technology to achieve precise control and regulation of pressure. This technology ensures that the raw materials are subjected to uniform and stable pressure during the pressing process, thereby creating a bulletproof helmet with a tight structure and high strength.
  • Intelligent control: The bulletproof helmet molding press machine is equipped with an advanced intelligent control system, which can realize automatic control and remote monitoring of the equipment. By monitoring the operating status and parameter changes of the equipment in real-time, problems can be discovered and solved in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the continuity of production.

Advantages of Bulletproof Helmet Making Hydraulic Press

  1. High-efficiency production: The bulletproof helmet making machine adopts rapid pressing technology and can complete the production of a large number of helmets in a short time. At the same time, its automated control system can reduce manual operations, reduce production costs, and improve production efficiency.
  2. High-quality guarantee: The hydraulic press machine for making bulletproof helmets adopts precise mechanical structure and advanced hydraulic technology to ensure the quality and performance of the helmet. Its high-precision mold design and precise control system can ensure that the shape, size, strength and other indicators of the helmet meet standard requirements, providing reliable protection for soldiers and police officers.
  3. Diverse customization: The Aramid bulletproof helmet forming hydraulic press is highly flexible and customizable. According to different protection requirements and material properties, molds and pressing solutions of different shapes, sizes, and properties can be customized to meet the needs of different customers.

Application of Hydraulic Press for Making Aramid Bulletproof Helmet

Bulletproof helmet molding hydraulic machines are widely used in the military and security fields. The following are some typical application examples:

  • Military equipment: In the military field, bulletproof helmets are important equipment for soldiers to protect their heads on the battlefield. The bulletproof helmet forming hydraulic press can produce helmets that meet military standards and provide reliable protection for soldiers. For example, in an international military exercise, a certain country’s army used a composite helmet manufactured by a bulletproof helmet making hydraulic machine, which successfully withstood multiple simulated gunshots and explosions and ensured the safety of soldiers.
  • Police equipment: In the police field, bulletproof helmets are also important protective equipment for police officers when performing tasks. The composite bulletproof helmet forming hydraulic press can provide police officers with high-quality, high-performance helmets to ensure that they can perform their duties safely and effectively. For example, in an anti-terrorist operation, the police of a certain country used a helmet made by a bullet-proof helmet molding hydraulic press machine, which successfully resisted terrorist attacks and protected the lives of police officers.

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