200T SMC Molding Press for Making SMC Products

Zhengxi 200T SMC molding press, also called hydraulic compression molding press, is applied in making sheet moulding compound products. Our SMC hydraulic press machine has superior quality and production capabilities. Many manufacturers choose to use it to manufacture SMC products, such as SMC cylinders, SMC fittings, and so on.

Zhengxi SMC hydraulic press, engineered with great care for details, is a high-quality machine tool. There are four-column and H-frame types for you to choose from. No matter which type, our SMC press can react in the most appropriate and responsive way to mechanical solicitations. With a stable structure, our machines have become the top hydraulic press in China.

Main Features

  1. 200T SMC moulding press has two kinds of structure: H frame type and four-column type. H Frame structure enjoys outstanding rigidity. It is mainly applied to compression moulding of SMC/FRP sheets. This series of SMC press machines have reached internationally advanced standards.
  2. Adopt a cartridge valve integrated system characterized by little fault, low noise level, and minor reversing impact but high reliability.
  3. Eight sides of brass guide rails of full stroke length not only ensure high accuracy but also allow easy adjustment of slide leveling.
  4. Mechanical-electrical-hydraulic integration safety devices, for example, lower chamber support for the oil cylinder, and interlock circuit of upper and lower chambers, all contribute to perfect safety.
  5. Pressure and stroke setting is easy to be done within a certain range as per production requirements.
  6. Adopt PLC+Touch Screen (HMI) integrated control. There are 3 operation manners, adjustable, manual, and semi-automatic.

Sheet Moulding Compound Manufacturing Process

The SMC manufacturing process generally consists of two stages. First, add thickener, low-shrinkage additive, filler, release agent, colorant, and other ingredients to the unsaturated resin, and mix to make a resin paste. Sheet-shaped strength materials such as chopped glass fiber mats are impregnated in a molding machine (covered with polyethylene film on both sides). It is then calendered and compacted with rollers. After drying, it is made into a felt sheet. When using, tear off the film, cut the laminate according to the size of the finished product, and put it into the mold of the SMC hydraulic press, heat, and press. After a certain period of time, the final SMC products are obtained.

200T smc molding press
200T SMC molding press

SMC Molding Press Applications

200T SMC molding press is specially designed for sheet moulding compound products. And it is the best choice for sheet molding compound manufacturers. SMC hydraulic press machine is widely used in ship cars, building materials, electrical appliances, rail transportation, aerospace, and other fields. Different applications of the press include the following: SMC sanitary wares, SMC electric boxes, satellite dishes, biogas digesters, SMC auto parts, SMC cylinders, SMC fittings, and more.


1) Servo system /Common system
2) Heating available by Electric Heaters / Heat Transfer Oil / Steam
3) Trolley / Moving Bolster for easy die change
4) Cushion Device for anti-shock while stamping
5) Water Cooler /Oil Chiller
6) Mould Stripping Device
8) Accumulators for fast speed and low energy consumption

200T smc hydraulic press machine
200T SMC hydraulic press machine

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