Hydraulic Press for Making a Metal Coffin

Metal coffin hydraulic press is a machine equipment used to process metal coffins. Usually, metal coffins are made of metal materials such as iron or steel, so certain processing techniques are required to form the shape and structure of the coffin. A hydraulic press is a machine that uses the pressure of a liquid (usually oil) to achieve mechanical movement. In the field of metal processing, hydraulic presses are often used to perform processing operations such as pressing, bending, and cutting metal materials.

metal coffin

Metal coffin deep drawing presses usually have special designs and functions suitable for metal coffin processing. It can press and shape metal coffins through high pressure provided by the hydraulic system to meet various shapes and sizes of coffins. These coffin-making machines are usually equipped with various molds and tools to perform different processing operations on metal caskets, such as bending, cutting, drilling, etc.

Metal coffin-making equipment plays an important role in the process of manufacturing metal coffins. It can improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and meet customer needs for personalized coffins.

Characteristics of Metal Coffin Hydraulic Press

◆The fuselage adopts an overall frame structure.
◆ The hydraulic control adopts a cartridge valve integrated system, which has a reliable operation, large flow, small internal leakage, and long service life.
◆ Four-corner and eight-sided guide rails with high guiding precision and strong anti-eccentric load capability.
◆ New cylinder sealing components, high reliability, and long life.
◆ The slider runs fast and has high work efficiency.

Advantages of Metal Coffin Making Equipment

1. It has three working modes: adjustment, manual, and automatic single cycle. The working pressure and stroke can be adjusted arbitrarily within a certain range. It has a high no-load running speed and adjustable stretching speed within a reasonable range.

2. Easy to operate, reliable in performance, and easy to maintain. It can work as a stand-alone machine or be used with automatic line assembly operations.

3. Equipped with an oil return cooling device, which can effectively control the oil temperature and ensure the continuous normal operation of the machine.

4. It has an independent power mechanism and electrical system and uses button centralized control. The process and actions are controlled by a programmable controller. The product has a compact structure and sensitive and reliable movement.

5. The stretching slider and the blanking slider can be connected as a whole through positioning pins to achieve single-action process actions. Equipped with a slider upper dead center locking device, it ensures safe operation.

6. Equipped with an electromechanical and hydraulic integrated safety device, it has fast operation speed, high safety and reliability, and can realize two molding processes of fixed stroke and fixed pressure.

7. The metal coffin hydraulic press adopts a positive stretching process. The hydraulic system uses cartridge valves. The electrical system adopts PLC automatic control. The stroke, pressure, and speed of each moving part are independently adjustable within a certain range to meet the needs of metal product-forming parts.

metal coffin deep drawing presses

Application of Metal Coffin Making Machine

Metal coffin deep drawing presses have a wide range of practical applications, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Metal coffin manufacturing industry: This is the most important application field of metal coffin hydraulic presses. In the metal coffin manufacturing industry, metal casket-making machines are used to process metal sheets and press them into the required coffin shape. By adjusting the machine parameters and replacing different molds, metal coffins of various shapes, sizes, and styles can be produced to meet customer needs.

2. Metal processing plants and manufacturing companies: In addition to the metal coffin manufacturing industry, hydraulic presses for making metal caskets are also widely used in other types of metal processing plants and manufacturing companies. These enterprises may produce various metal products, such as metal furniture, containers, metal parts, etc. The metal coffin hydraulic press can help them process metal materials and achieve various processing operations such as forming, bending, and cutting, thereby improving production efficiency and product quality.

3. Art production: Sometimes, metal coffin hydraulic presses are also used to make art and decorations. Artists can use this machine to process and shape metal materials to create a variety of unique metal artworks, such as sculptures, installation art, etc. Metal coffin-making machines provide an effective tool to help artists transform their ideas into reality.

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In general, metal coffin deep drawing presses are widely used in various metal processing fields, from metal coffin manufacturing to personalized customization to art production. The efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility of this machine make it an indispensable part of the modern metal processing industry, driving the development and progress of the industry.

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