Tire Mold Testing Press Machine

Tires are one of the main parts of a car. They are the only parts of the car that are in contact with the road. Used in conjunction with the wheel rim, it is responsible for tasks such as vehicle driving, turning, shock absorption, braking, and control. As one of the most critical molding equipment in tire processing, tire mold plays a decisive role in tire quality and appearance. Therefore, tire manufacturers have very strict quality requirements for tire molds.

tire mold
tire mold

In order to ensure the high precision requirements of the tire mold, the tire mold needs to detect relevant data before the mold leaves the factory and during use in the tire factory. The tire molds are assembled in the mold factory after being processed. The assembled mold needs to be pressure tested. Under pressure, measure relevant data such as the fitting gap between the vertical edges of the tread blocks of the tire mold, the fitting gap between the tread blocks and the side plates, and so on. Then the mold will be perfected and processed based on the test results. For tire manufacturers, after the tire mold has been used for a period of time, in order to ensure the accuracy of the mold, the pressure must be re-tested. Routine maintenance and trimming of the mold will be carried out based on the test results to ensure the accuracy of the tires.

The tire mold pressure testing machine is a type of hydraulic press. Based on the commonly used hydraulic press, the pressure is slowly applied to the tire mold, and then the stress of the tire mold is monitored. It is a design to obtain tire mold force response data.

Our tire mold testing machine is mainly used for the adjustment of automobile tire molds. It can be used for stamping experiments of truck tire molds, passenger car tire molds, and light truck tire molds. Our tire mold pressure testing machine adopts a three-beam and four-column structure and is equipped with a mobile workbench, which makes it easy to get on and off the mold and has low equipment investment cost. With PLC, it can be operated with one click. Commonly used models include 120 tons, 150 tons, 160 tons, 200 tons, 315 tons, etc.

tire mold pressure testing machine
tire mold pressure testing machine

Features of Tire Mold Testing Machine:

  1. Four-column structure, good rigidity, high precision, compact structure, economical and applicable.
  2. Adopting a cartridge valve integrated system. It has fewer leakage points, a small impact, and reliable action. It can effectively protect the service life of molds and equipment.
  3. Professional cylinder sealing components, strong reliability, and long life.
  4. The automatic lubrication device of the guide rail fully protects the guide column and maintains accuracy.
  5. Mechatronic safety devices, such as cylinder lower chamber support circuits, cylinder upper and lower chamber interlocking circuits, etc., have good safety.
  6. Equipped with a PLC programmable control system to facilitate closed-loop control.
  7. Equipped with a movable workbench to facilitate loading and unloading of materials and disassembly and assembly of workpieces.

Advantages of Tire Mold Pressure Testing Machine

  1. High precision and stability
    The hydraulic system can provide high-precision pressure control and a stable pressure testing process to ensure that the mold pressure meets the design requirements.
  2. Wide application
    The tire mold testing machine is suitable for different types and specifications of tire molds and has strong versatility.
  3. Safe and reliable
    The hydraulic system has a safety protection function, which can ensure the safety and reliability of the pressure test process and prevent accidents.
  4. High efficiency and energy-saving
    The hydraulic system has the characteristics of high energy conversion and low energy consumption, which can save energy and improve production efficiency.
  5. Easy operation
    The use of hydraulic control systems can achieve simple and convenient operation, improve production efficiency, and reduce labor costs.

Physical Picture of Tire Mold Testing Machine in Workshop

Zhengxi Hydraulic Press Factory can customize tire mold testing machines for customers. Parameters such as cylinder stroke, opening height, tonnage, work surface size, and working speed can all be adjusted. In addition, we also produce FRP water tank making presses, marine rubber fenders testing hydraulic presses, wheel hub forging machines, head forming presses, etc. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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