Carbon Fiber Press Machine

A carbon fiber molding machine, also known as a carbon fiber composite material forming machine, or carbon fiber plate hot press, is a forming equipment for molding carbon fiber plate parts. The machine can thermally mold carbon fiber at one time under the cooperation of the mold. The formed products have the characteristics of a smooth surface, flat surface, and high strength retention rate.

4000T hydraulic press for carbon fiber
4000T hydraulic press for carbon fiber

Carbon fiber has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, friction resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, carbon fiber products have the application advantages of high strength, high stiffness, high fracture toughness, corrosion resistance, and strong designability. They are widely used in aerospace, sports equipment, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, and other fields.

Hydraulic presses play a very important role in the forming of carbon fiber products. The carbon fiber molding press is mainly used in the molding and pressing process of carbon fiber, glass fiber reinforced plastic, SMC, and other molding materials to meet the requirements of the pressing process. Zhengxi is one of the leading manufacturers of carbon fiber forming machines in China, providing high-quality composite hydraulic presses for the production of carbon fiber products.

Table of Contents:

  1. Four-column Carbon Fiber-making Machine
  2. H Frame Carbon Fiber Forming Hydraulic Press

Four-column Carbon Fiber-making Machine

The four-column carbon fiber forming hydraulic press has high stability, adjustable temperature, pressure, and time, and is suitable for processing various carbon fiber products. It adopts PLC control, is easy to operate, and has adjustable working parameters.

Carbon fiber molding process

The carbon fiber prepreg is placed between the upper and lower molds, the molds are sealed, and the molds are placed on a hydraulic platform. After a period of high temperature and high pressure to solidify the resin, the carbon fiber product is taken out of the hydraulic press. The molding process has the advantages of high efficiency, good product quality, high dimensional accuracy, and little impact on the environment, and is suitable for the molding of composite material parts in batches and high strength.

50T Four-column Carbon Fiber Molding Machine Technical Parameters

Model: 50T
System pressure: 31.5Mpa
Worktable effective area: 1000×1000
Working pressure: 25Mpa
Hydraulic cylinder maximum stroke: 800mm
Opening height: 1000

Structural Features of Carbon Fiber Composite Four-column Hydraulic Press

  1. The main engine is a vertical structure with three beams and four columns. The structure is simple, economical, and practical. It is composed of a fuselage, master cylinder, stroke limit device, lubricating device, hydraulic power system, electrical system, and other components. The fuselage is composed of an upper beam, slider, workbench, column, lock nut, guide sleeve, and so on. The slider moves linearly up and down along the four columns under the drive of the oil cylinder.
  2. The upper beam, slider, and workbench are made of overall No. 45 cast steel with good rigidity and strength.
  3. The main column is made of No. 45 round steel and is chrome-plated to ensure that it will never rust.
  4. The sliding sleeve (guide sleeve) is made of wear-resistant cast iron. Embedded with PTFE wear-resistant material to prevent the column from being strained, and has good anti-eccentric load capacity. The friction pair is lubricated by a hand-operated oil injection pump device, which has the characteristics of centralized lubrication and smooth oil supply.
  5. The hydraulic cylinder is a piston structure. The key seal of the oil cylinder adopts the national standard seal ring with good anti-aging and sealing performance. The cylinder body is made of a #45 grinding tube, and the inner hole has a good finish. The large cylinder is made of #45 forged steel, the plunger is 45# round steel, and the surface is chrome-plated, which is rust-proof and wear-resistant.
  6. The hydraulic pipeline is made of cold-drawn seamless steel pipe, which is installed after welding, polishing, pickling, neutralization, phosphating, cleaning, drying, and oiling. The pipeline layout is clear and tidy. The high and low-pressure pipes have obvious color distinctions for easy maintenance. If the diameter is greater than 25 diameter, all adopt flange connections to reduce the occurrence of oil leakage of the whole machine.
2500T carbon fiber press
2500T carbon fiber press

Advantages of Four-column Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Machines

  1. The working pressure of the slider and the forming range of no-load fast descending and slow working can be adjusted according to the working needs.
  2. Independent electrical control system. Reliable work, intuitive action, easy maintenance.
  3. It adopts button centralized control and has three operation modes: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic.
  4. Through the selection of the operation panel, two operating processes of fixed range and constant pressure can be realized, and it has functions such as pressure maintenance and delay.
  5. The hydraulic control adopts the cartridge valve integrated system, which has reliable action and long service life. The hydraulic shock is small, reducing the connection pipeline and leakage points.
  6. Actions include fast, slow, and extremely slow pressing, and the number of exhausts can be set.
  7. The carbon fiber forming hydraulic press adopts numerical control technology for proportional control, inching control, synchronous control, frequency modulation control, PLC programmable control, touch screen digital display, etc. It can set and display relevant parameters such as pressure, speed, and stroke.

Application of Four-column Hydraulic Press for Carbon Fiber

The carbon fiber press is suitable for hollow molding of carbon fiber in the 3C product exterior parts and sporting goods industry. The 3D curved surface is mainly used for forming the back cover of mobile phone and tablet computer, glass fiber 3D curved surface mobile phone, tablet back cover, and AR smart wearable/VR glasses products.

1000T 4 post carbon fiber making machine
1000T 4 post carbon fiber making machine

H Frame Carbon Fiber Forming Hydraulic Press

The hot-press carbon fiber molding machine adopts an h-frame hydraulic press structure. It mainly consists of a hydraulic press, hydraulic pump station, electrical system, forming mold, and temperature control system. This machine is a new type of hot-press carbon fiber molding equipment, which effectively solves the problems of high melting point, high viscosity fiber resin production process, large internal porosity of materials, insufficient resin-impregnated fibers, insufficient sample performance, and long molding cycle. It has the application advantages of one-time molding, a beautiful appearance, and high production efficiency. Exquisite appearance, convenient operation, faster loading and unloading of molds.

This series of carbon fiber-making machines are mainly used in the molding and pressing process of carbon fiber, glass fiber reinforced plastic, SMC, and other molding materials to meet the various requirements of the pressing process. Equipment temperature, curing time, pressure, and speed are all in line with the process characteristics of SMC/BMC materials. Adopt PLC control, easy to operate, adjustable working parameters.

Carbon Fiber Press Process Principle

The hydraulic press for carbon fiber heats the mold through the temperature control system to realize the high-temperature hot pressing function. By hot pressing in a vacuum environment, the air bubble content in the fiber resin is greatly reduced, and the surface finish of the test piece and the performance of the product are improved. A cooling unit is provided in the mold. The cooling rate is adjusted by adjusting the flow rate and temperature of the high-pressure cold air, so as to control the crystallinity of the matrix resin and realize the flexible choice between high strength and high toughness.

630-ton Frame-type Carbon Fiber Molding Machine Technical Parameters

Model: 630 tons
Nominal force: 6300KN
Liquid working pressure: 25MPA
Opening height: 2200mm
Slider stroke: 1600mm
Working surface: 1800*1500mm
Motor power: 40KW

Note: The technical parameters of the carbon fiber hydraulic press can be customized according to the specifications and dimensions of the processed products to meet the processing needs of various products! This machine is also suitable for composite material molding, glass fiber-reinforced plastic product molding, and other compression molding processes of thermoplastic materials!

200 ton carbon fiber molding machine
200 ton carbon fiber molding machine

Structural Features of Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Machines

  1. Frame structure, good rigidity, high strength, strong anti-eccentric load capacity. The overall frame is welded with high-quality steel plates. With octagonal guide rails on all sides, the slider has high precision.
  2. The main cylinder is a piston structure. The cylinder body is made of a #45 grinding tube, and the inner hole has a good finish. The large cylinder is made of 45# forged steel, the plunger is #45 round steel, and the surface is chrome-plated, which is rust-proof and wear-resistant.
  3. The workbench and the lower plane of the sliding beam are precision-machined by a large grinder. The parallelism tolerance is ±0.01mm to ensure the precision of product processing.
  4. This equipment can be equipped with an in-mold core-pulling control system as an option. The ejection control system in the preset mold can realize fast descending, segmental and pressing, segmental deflation, work, pressure holding, slow mold opening, fast return, slow de-molding, fast ejection, ejection stay, A series of actions such as quick return, and the temperature can be controlled at multiple points.
  5. This machine adopts high-quality SMC pressure regulating valve and solenoid valve. In the control system, various states of compressed air can be precisely adjusted according to the control requirements, and it plays an important role in the pressure system.
  6. The preheating and pressure holding time can be preset according to the different requirements of the product.
  7. Temperature control: The temperature of the upper and lower heating templates is controlled separately. An imported intelligent temperature controller is adopted, with an accurate temperature difference of ±1°C.
  8. The heating element adopts a far-infrared radiation body heating tube, which has a fast response, high efficiency, and energy saving.

Advantages of Frame Type Carbon Fiber Forming Press

  1. Using servo-hydraulic system technology, the pressure of the imported quantitative pump is given. Compared with the conventional hydraulic system, there is no overflow, saving more than 50% of electricity and energy.
  2. Main cylinder pressure, baking time, template temperature, vacuum suction time, gas pressurization pressure, pressure holding time, etc. can all be input directly on the touch screen. And dynamically display each running value. The interface is friendly and intuitive, and the operation is simple and convenient.
  3. Two-stage speed control of the movable board. No-load fast, slow profiling closing, fast return.
  4. The full servo drive control system is adopted to realize the simultaneous movement of forming, punching, trimming, stacking, and other processes. Realize high-precision position control and shorten the control cycle.
  5. It has a series of functions such as automatic, safety protection, mold anti-collision protection, automatic temperature control, pressure protection, etc. It is a powerful guarantee to improve product quality and production efficiency and reduce defective rates.
  6. Forming power adopts a special pressurized cylinder. It is characterized by being fast and stable and can complete a 250mm forming working stroke within 0.8 seconds. Guarantee the quality and production efficiency of molded products.
  7. The hydraulic part adopts imported high-performance pumps and control valves, with low oil temperature, low noise, and safe and stable performance.
  8. The pressure, stroke, speed, holding time, and closing height can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the production process, and the operation is easy.
  9. The machine occupies a small area, has a beautiful appearance, is easy to operate, and can load and unload molds more quickly.

Application of H Frame Carbon Fiber Press

With the continuous popularization of carbon fiber materials, various carbon fiber molded products are widely used in various high-end fields such as automotive interior parts and structural parts, mobile phone exterior parts, laptop computer exterior parts, bicycles, tennis rackets, and badminton rackets. Zhengxi, as the leader in domestic carbon fiber compression molding machine manufacturing, can develop two types of models according to the actual needs of customers, and fully meet the various technical requirements of customers in carbon fiber structural parts and exterior parts.


Optional Accessories

  • Quick Die Change Device
  • Movable mold changing trolley
  • Electric mold changing trolley
  • Left and right slow open mold cylinder
  • Upper and lower jacking, externally equipped with core-pulling jacking oil circuit
  • The lower workbench is movable
  • Mold heating and cooling system
  • Server system
  • Four Corner Leveling System

Safety Precautions When Operating Carbon Fiber Press

  1. Pay attention to safety during the operation and maintenance of the press. Do not put your hands into the heat plate press.
  2. When the carbon fiber press is in the area of thunder and lightning, it must be stopped and the power supply must be cut off.
  3. Keep the oil circuit switch open.
  4. The operator is not allowed to leave the post when the machine is turned on.
  5. Preheating press: close the power supply of the press. Under the premise of no pressure, gradually increase the temperature until it reaches the temperature required for pressing, then it can be put into formal production to ensure the quality of the veneer.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to reverse the circulating pump.
  7. The rated oil pressure is 23.8Mpa, and it is strictly forbidden to use it with overpressure.
  8. Without special circumstances, the running speed of the conveyor belt, unloading speed, time, and other parameters shall not be changed arbitrarily. It is strictly forbidden to change the hydraulic pipeline and electric control wiring at will. Do not adjust the handwheels of each valve at will. Do not open the fuel tank and air filter cover at will. If necessary, it must be handled by professionals.
  9. When the temperature in the hydraulic oil tank of the press exceeds 50 degrees, a cooler must be used. In summer, hydraulic oil with higher viscosity should be used, and in winter, hydraulic oil with lower viscosity should be used. When the temperature in the hydraulic oil tank of the press is 65 degrees, the temperature on the hydraulic pump casing must not exceed 75 to 85 degrees. Otherwise, it should be stopped.
  10. The mold and workpiece should be centered when paving on the movable table. Biasing is strictly prohibited!
  11. Keep the press clean and evenly stressed. Remove residues on the surface of the template in time to avoid reducing the quality of the finished product during use.
  12. In normal use, always observe the changes in the veneer and the steel plate. In case of abnormality, analyze and deal with it in time. If there is pollution, clean and clean the steel plate in time.
  13. After the press has been working continuously for 12 hours, it must be restarted after 4 hours.
  14. If an abnormal sound is found, stop the machine in time. The machine must not work while sick, and the faults are found to be eliminated in time.
  15. Special attention should be paid to the cleaning of the press machine. Prevent dirt and iron objects from falling on the pressing plate surface during oil production, so as to avoid damage to the waste plate.
500T h frame hydraulic press

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