315T Hydraulic Press for Auto Interior Parts

The 315 tons hydraulic press for auto interior parts, also called the hydraulic trimming press, is specially designed for automobile interior parts. It can be used to shear and hot-forming car interior components, including automotive floor mats, carpets, headliner panels, seats, etc.

Our 315T hydraulic trimming press machine can be custom-built to fit the needs of high precision. With high quality and rich experience, we have offered hydraulic press machines for automotive interior trim parts to many car manufacturers and first-tier automotive interior parts suppliers, such as Hyundai, BMW, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and so on.

Main Features of 315 Tons Hydraulic Press for Auto Interior Parts

  1. The main force for molding interior trim parts of automotive is not so big, normally 50 tons-500 tons depending on the different material.
  2. Using the whole frame structure, artificial aging and polishing antirust processing, strong rigidity, and small deformation.
  3. Multi-cylinder design to ensure uniform force on the large worktable.
  4. Large work table, good to put mold, eight noodles long guide orientation, stable precision to guarantee the product quality.
  5. The hydraulic system is controlled by an integrated cartridge valve which allows flexible and reliable movement and non-leakage.
  6. Using fixed point, quantitative thin oil continuous loop cooling and lubrication.

315T hydraulic press for auto interior parts-1
315T hydraulic press for auto interior parts-1

The Advantages of 315T Hydraulic Trimming Press for Automotive

  1. Reasonable design and good processing part make its low energy consumption.
  2. Cylinder adopts to forge and grind, it has good reliability in a state of high pressure.
  3. Many kinds of working speeds improve the efficiency of production.
  4. Run steady, low noise, with an electric eye for worker safety.
  5. Electric system adopts Japan Mitsubishi PLC + Touch Screen control manner characterized by reliable performance.
  6. Pressure adjustable in big range for different needs.
  7. Frame and active beams have high guide precision, rigidity, and hardwearing, especially suitable for pressing anisomerous parts.

Main Specification

Nominal ForceKN3150
Return forceKN500
Max liquid working pressureMPA25
Open heightmm1800
Slider strokemm1400
Effective worktable size (L-R)mm2800
Effective worktable size (F-B)mm1800
Slider speed (Down)mm/s300
Slider speed (Press)mm/s10-30
Slider speed (Return)mm/s200
Floor area and height (L-R)mm4200
Floor area and height (F-B)mm2600
Floor area and height (H)mm6200
Total power of equipment(approximately)KW37

Applications of Our Hydraulic Press for Automotive Interior Trim Parts

Zhengxi’s trimming press machine is specially designed for auto interior parts. It is suitable for the hemming production of various batches, models, and grades of automobile door covers. It has great flexibility and is not only suitable for small and medium-sized automobile manufacturing enterprises that produce various batches and varieties but also suitable for large and medium-sized automobile manufacturers.

The automotive interior trim parts is including the front hood fender, hood insulation pad, dashboard insulation pad, firewall insulation pad, seat pad, two rows of the foot pad, trunk side trim cover, rear trunk trim cover, Board, spare tire cover, suitcase carpet, car roof and so on.

315T hydraulic press for auto interior parts-3
315T hydraulic press for auto interior parts-3

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