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Fiberglass water tanks are divided into two types: FRP-assembled water tanks and SMC water tanks. According to their uses, they can also be divided into: SMC water tanks, FRP integral water tanks, FRP assembled water tanks, FRP domestic water tanks, FRP fire water tanks, FRP insulation water tanks, etc. The manufacturing process of fiberglass water tanks is divided into two types: SMC molding process and hand pot molding process. The hand pot molding process usually produces a cylindrical fiberglass water tank. The FRP molded water tank is made of SMC sheet molding compound, which is molded in one step by an SMC hydraulic press and a mold under high temperature and high pressure.

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SMC water tank refers to a water tank made of fiberglass fiber as raw material. Fiberglass refers to plastic reinforced with glass fiber and its fabric. It is light and hard, non-conductive, and has high mechanical strength and strong corrosion resistance. The processing of fiberglass requires the use of hydraulic press equipment. Chengdu Zhengxi Hydraulic has designed an SMC machine for panel tanks, which is specially used to press SMC water tank panels.

The main body adopts a three-beam and four-column structure. The supporting mold adopts integral molding to realize the one-time pressing and molding of SMC water tank panels. We can customize hydraulic press equipment of different tonnages such as 315 tons, 400 tons, 500 tons, 630 tons, and 800 tons for customers based on the material and specifications of the SMC tank plates.

Our SMC machine for panel tanks has high parallel accuracy between the slider and the work surface. The speed and pressure of the slider can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range specified by the parameters. With a controllable pre-pressure process, the flow rate of materials in the mold can be increased and the pressurization time can be shortened. There is an automatic exhaust function during the pressing process. The slider should have a micro-opening function when returning so that the molded product can slowly separate from the mold after being formed to prevent tearing and straining of the product. This machine has stable performance and high efficiency.


The Production Process of SMC Machine for Panel Tank:

  1. The fiberglass water tank is assembled from high-quality SMC fiberglass plates. The raw material of the SMC sheet is high-quality resin. Before pressing SMC sheets, it is necessary to fully understand the resin pot thickening curve, resin protective formula, FRP fiber content, FRP fiber sizing agent type, and other parameters.
  2. Mix the prepared SMC water tank raw materials according to the specified proportion, and then stir the slurry into a resin paste.
  3. Place the prepared resin paste and glass fiber sand in the SMC sheet machine.
  4. Make SMC sheets. After 48 hours of heating and curing, check whether the sheet is qualified. Then cut, weigh, and stack according to the required specifications. Then spread it evenly in the mold for molding. Before this, the mold must be cleaned and heated to 120 to 140℃. In compliance with the technical requirements, the SMC machine for the panel tank maintains pressure for a certain period of time before opening the mold.
  5. Polish and trim the burrs of the demolded SMC veneer. And conduct further inspection. The inspected SMC single panels have mounting holes drilled according to the preset positions and then packaged and stored in the warehouse.

Structural Features of SMC Machine for Panel Tank:

  1. The working pressure of the slider, the travel range of no-load rapid descent, and slow working advance can be adjusted according to process needs.
  2. The slider adopts a four-pillar guide rail guide, which has good adjustment accuracy, strong rigidity, and good accuracy retention.
  3. New cylinder sealing components have strong reliability and long service life.
  4. The hydraulic control adopts a cartridge valve integrated system, which has a reliable operation, large flow, small internal leakage, and long service life. The system is highly integrated, reducing connecting pipes and leak points.
  5. Through the operation panel, two molding processes of fixed stroke and fixed pressure can be realized. And it has functions such as pressure maintaining and delay.
  6. The operation is sensitive and simple, the noise is low, and the pressure is stable. And it can meet the needs of different production processes.

The SMC water tank panels are molded in one step by a SMC hydraulic press. It has a smooth surface, high production efficiency, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high structural strength, and meets environmental protection requirements. The SMC machine for panel tanks can also be used to press other FRP products: FRP cable trays, FRP meter boxes, FRP water well houses, FRP sanitary ware products, FRP auto parts, etc. Contact us now to learn more about the water tank panel forming hydraulic press.

SMC water tank panels

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