Types of Hydraulic Press Frame

The hydraulic press is generally composed of three parts: the main engine, the power system, and the electrical system. The main engine part is composed of the fuselage, slider, mobile worktable, main cylinder, hydraulic cushion, punching buffer device, mobile table lifting and clamping oil cylinder, stroke limit, upper limit safety locking device, etc.

There are many forms of the main structure. According to the direction of movement of the slider, there are vertical and horizontal. According to the composition of the fuselage, there are beam-column combination types, single-arm types, frame types, steel wire winding prestressed archway types, etc.


The frame-type fuselage is the most widely used. Its structure mainly has the following forms:
1) Multi-arch frame hydraulic press. The fuselage generally connects two frame plates into a frame-group. Multiple framesets are then combined into one large fuselage.
2) Integral frame hydraulic press. The upper and lower beams and columns of the fuselage are welded as a whole with high strength. The slider adopts a plane guide structure with adjustable clearance. The guiding precision of this structure is relatively high.
3) Combined frame hydraulic press. The upper and lower beams and columns of the fuselage are manufactured separately. They are then assembled by fastening them to form a rigid frame. This structure avoids the problems existing in processes such as casting and welding of the integral frame of large and medium-sized hydraulic presses. Most of the upper and lower beams of the combined frame type fuselage are pre-tightened and connected through prestressed tie rods and supporting components. This structure is more rigid.

400T h frame press for sale
400T h frame press for sale

Structural Features:

  • The main feature of the frame structure is that it can obtain relatively high rigidity, and the guiding accuracy is also relatively high. Therefore, it is widely used in the design of many types of hydraulic press machines.
  • The fuselage adopts a frame tie rod structure to ensure rigidity.
  • The four tie rods are preloaded with hydraulic overpressure.
  • The slider adopts a wedge-type four-corner and eight-sided guide rail, which has high adjustment accuracy and good rigidity. After adjustment, it is not easy to cause deviation of precision.
  • The column guide rail is made of CrMo alloy material. After fire treatment, the hardness is above HRC55, with good wear resistance and long service life.
  • The upper beam, lower beam, and column of the fuselage are positioned and installed through ring-shaped keys to ensure repeated installation accuracy.

Beam-column Combination Type

This is a typical hydraulic press equipment body structure method. The most common one is the three-beam and four-column style. The upper and lower beams and four columns form a closed structure. There is a rigid connection between them. Beams are available in cast and welded constructions. The double-column method with a relatively simple structure is often used in small hydraulic press equipment. However, the rigidity of this structure is poor. In the horizontal extrusion hydraulic press equipment, the three-column type is also often used. Large hydraulic press equipment and special hydraulic press equipment (larger work surface) also use multi-column structures.

Double Column Pull-down Type

It is mainly suitable for medium and small forging presses. It consists of two columns and upper beams to form a movable closed frame.


  • Good stability and strong anti-eccentric load capability.
  • The working cylinder is not easy to damage.
  • The height of the press on the ground is small. The installation is not limited by the height of the workshop and the size of the upper beam can be reduced.
  • Easy to operate.
  • A large amount of underground engineering.
  • The moving part has a large mass and a large inertia.
500T four column press
500T four column press

Three Beams and Four Columns Type

  1. The equipment generates less heat and reduces cooling costs. The calorific value of its hydraulic transmission system is generally 10%-30% of the traditional four-column hydraulic press. This is due to the fact that the pump is zero-speed and low-fever in most cases.
  2. Reduce the cost of gear oil. The oil tank of the three-beam four-column hydraulic press can be smaller than the traditional four-column hydraulic press, and the oil change time can be increased. Therefore, the amount of gear oil used to drive a four-column hydraulic press is generally only about 50% of that of a traditional four-column hydraulic press.
  3. The three-beam four-column hydraulic press has high efficiency. Through appropriate acceleration and deceleration control and energy enhancement, the speed of the three-beam four-column hydraulic press can be further improved. The rhythm of work can be several times higher than that of traditional four-column hydraulic presses.
  4. Low noise. The driving hydraulic pump generally adopts an internal gear oil pump, and the traditional four-column hydraulic press generally adopts a variable displacement plunger pump.
  5. Smooth and durable. The entire mechanical frame has strong shear force, and the rollers are guided by high-precision slide rails. Strong impact resistance and lateral pressure resistance, stable, high precision, and durable. It can be used for processing purposes such as punching, forming, and extrusion.

Single Arm Type

There are integrally cast steel structures and steel plate welded structures. It is characterized by a simple structure and a large working surface. The workpiece can be operated from various directions, and the operation is convenient. It is suitable for bending, curling, stamping, and forging small workpieces of thick plates. The rigidity of the single-arm frame is relatively poor. It is generally made into a hollow box structure to increase rigidity and reduce weight.


  • Simpler structure, easier to manufacture and maintain.
  • Easy to operate and use.
  • Poor guidance accuracy.
  • The stiffness is poor. Angular deformation occurs when a force is applied. There are stress concentrations at the corners of the fuselage.
63T c frame hydraulic press
63T c frame hydraulic press

The above are the types of all hydraulic press frames. You can choose the right hydraulic press according to your needs. Zhengxi is a professional hydraulic press manufacturing company, with superb manufacturing technology and strong economic strength, can provide you with various types of hydraulic presses. In addition, hydraulic machine customization services are also provided. Contact us to learn more.

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