How to Choose the Right Hydraulic Press?

A hydraulic press is an important production equipment with a wide range of applications. It is suitable for thin plate drawing, blanking, cold extrusion metal forming of metal materials, pressing and forming of powder products and abrasive products, as well as pressing and forming of plastic products and insulating products. Therefore, for some manufacturers, it is very important to know how to choose a suitable hydraulic press.

This article will comprehensively introduce how to choose a hydraulic press from the aspects of hydraulic press classification, tonnage, table size, opening height, configuration, and manufacturer strength.

Table of Content

  1. Choose a Hydraulic Press According to the Purpose
  2. Select the Hydraulic Press According to the Tonnage
  3. Consider the Size of the Workbench
  4. Consider Opening Height
  5. Consider Hydraulic Press Precision
  6. Consider the Overall Configuration of Hydraulic Equipment
  7. Consider the Manufacturer
  8. Consider After-sales Service

Choose a Hydraulic Press According to the Purpose

There are different types of hydraulic presses depending on the product being pressed. If you are stretching sheet metal, choose a deep-drawing hydraulic press machine. If you want to press composite products such as automotive interior parts, choose composite hydraulic presses. If you want to press metal powder into parts, choose a powder hydraulic press machine.

The four-column hydraulic press has a wide range of applications. It is not only suitable for metal stamping, bending, flanging, shallow stretch forming, and cold extrusion processes but also for press forming processes of metal powder products and non-metallic materials.

The frame-type hydraulic press focuses on the correction of shaft parts and profiles and the press-fitting of shaft sleeve parts. According to the requirements of the processing technology, it can also complete the process actions such as bending, embossing, molding, and stretching of simple parts for sheet metal parts. It can also be used to press powder and plastic products with less strict requirements.

Select the Hydraulic Press According to the Tonnage

Pressing different products requires different pressures. We need to choose a hydraulic press machine with the right tonnage for the product.

The tonnage of the hydraulic press is determined by factors such as the thickness, material, and product density of the desired object. Through the hydraulic press tonnage calculation formula and workers with work experience, choose a hydraulic press with a suitable tonnage.

Consider the Size of the Workbench

The size of the working surface of the hydraulic press is closely related to the size of the mold.

The mold is basically made of cast steel, and it is a cube with various dimensions in length, width, and height. The worktable needs to be larger than the mold, leaving room for the lock nuts. Therefore, when we choose a workbench, try to make it bigger.

Consider Opening Height

The opening height of the hydraulic press reflects the size of the working space of the hydraulic press in the height direction.

It should be determined according to technological factors such as the height of the mold (tool) and the corresponding backing plate, the size of the working stroke, and the space required for placing the blank and taking out the workpiece. The opening height has a great influence on the overall height of the hydraulic press machine, the length of the column, the stability of the hydraulic press body, and the height of the installation workshop. Therefore, it is necessary to meet the technological requirements as much as possible and to reduce the height of the press as much as possible to reduce its cost.

4500T embossing press
4500T embossing press

Consider Hydraulic Press Precision

Accuracy refers to how accurately the pressure and position stop at the specified point. It is related to the resolution of the drive, the resolution of the pressure transmitter, the accuracy of the motor (servo motor), and the response speed of the reaction device. The hydraulic press machine has matured through the complete set of motor (servo motor) and integrated control of drive and control. Its repeatability is getting higher and higher, and its application field is getting wider and wider.

Consider the Overall Configuration of Hydraulic Equipment

High-quality configuration is indispensable for hydraulic presses. The main accessories of the hydraulic press include the fuselage, oil cylinder, motor, solenoid valve, electrical parts, other oil pipes, filters, etc. In the long run, it is more appropriate to choose imported configurations, because they are more stable and durable. Especially when the hydraulic press machine needs to work continuously for a long time, good configuration performance will be reflected.

Speed: Observe the rotational speed of the hydraulic press. The faster the speed, the higher the efficiency level of production.
Power consumption: Consider the power consumption of the hydraulic press machine. The power consumption is small, and the temperature of the hydraulic oil is low, so the service life will be longer.
Sealing: Among them, what affects the service life of the hydraulic press is its own sealing. High-quality hydraulic press machines usually do not leak oil, so the sealing performance directly affects the use and life of the hydraulic press.
Self-weight: The weight of hydraulic press equipment can also reflect whether the hydraulic press is durable to a certain extent. Scientific materials are also a key factor to prolong the service life of hydraulic presses. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing a hydraulic press machine.

Consider the Manufacturer

When purchasing a hydraulic press machine, the strength of the hydraulic press machine manufacturer should also be taken into consideration. This directly affects the quality of the product. The hydraulic press is a semi-standard machine, and some adjustments need to be made according to the characteristics of the products produced, so the experience of the hydraulic press manufacturer is also very important.

To buy hydraulic press equipment, it is best to go to the manufacturer for an on-site inspection. In terms of production capacity, output, quality, processing equipment, etc., consider the factory’s hydraulic equipment manufacturing capacity in an all-around way. In addition, it can also be judged from the certificates obtained by the manufacturer, such as quality management system certificates, patent certificates, honorary certificates, and other related certificates.

Consider After-sales Service

When choosing a hydraulic press machine, after-sales service should also be considered. Different hydraulic press manufacturers provide different after-sales services, including hydraulic press installation, commissioning, and breakdown maintenance.

Installation and commissioning is also a highly technical job because installation and commissioning require certain skills and professional knowledge. Correct debugging can ensure that the hydraulic press is in good condition and greatly reduce the incidence of equipment failure. In addition, the inspection before leaving the factory also needs to pay attention to it. A pressure test is required. If there is no problem in all aspects, the shipment is allowed. The hydraulic press machine may also have some failures during use, which requires professional maintenance personnel to repair.

All of these services need to be confirmed clearly when purchasing a hydraulic press. Competent manufacturers basically provide the above-mentioned after-sales services, and can quickly provide feedback on these questions.


The above are all the issues that should be considered when purchasing a hydraulic press. Read the complete article, purchase the hydraulic press according to the content mentioned above, and you can choose hydraulic press equipment that suits you in all aspects. Hope this article can help you.

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