How to Install and Debug the Die for a C-frame Hydraulic Press?

The structure of a single-column hydraulic press is different from other hydraulic presses. Its structure is simpler and its performance is more stable. It also makes a difference when installing the mold. In order to ensure that the precision of the mold after installation reaches the standard, this article will introduce in detail how to install and debug the die for the C-type hydraulic press.

Install Hydraulic Press Dies

  1. Before installing the c-frame hydraulic press mold, check whether the mold is deformed or damaged, and check whether the mold is rusted. And clean the plane on the mold connecting plate.
  2. Check whether the connection between the slider and the base of the single-column hydraulic press and the mold is stable and whether it is cleaned to ensure that the mold connecting plate fits closely with the slider and the base.
  3. Use a forklift to lift the mold assembly to the work table. Adjust the position of the die so that the screw holes on the worktable coincide with the turnbuckles on the mold connecting plate. And fix it with screws, but don’t screw it too tight, it is convenient to adjust the mold.
  4. The slider moves down slowly, and after overlapping with the mold connecting plate, fix it with screws. If the turnbuckles do not coincide, adjust the lower position accordingly.
  5. In order to ensure the vertical accuracy of the mold, it is necessary to make the center of the mold coincide with the center of the single-column hydraulic press as much as possible. This can ensure that the mold is evenly stressed and prevent the mold from being crushed.
hydraulic press dies
hydraulic press dies

Fixed Hydraulic Press Mould

  1. The threaded hole is fixed. This method is mainly suitable for the installation of small molds. You only need to drill threaded holes near the four corners, and then fix the mold with a pressure plate. This method needs to determine the specific size of the mold positioning before it can be used.
  2. T-slot fixing method. This method is the most common way to fix the mold, and it is also the easiest and most convenient way. It is only necessary to determine the dimensions of the mold. Process a suitable T-shaped slot on the sliding beam and workbench of the C-frame press according to the size, and then fix the mold with T-shaped screws.

Debug Hydraulic Press Dies

  1. After the mold is installed, the control mode should be adjusted to manual. Observe whether there is friction between the die punch and the die body. When it works normally, tighten the set screw.
  2. Adding materials and testing the molding effect under pressure. The surface of the new mold may be a little rough, and the friction force may be relatively large when pressing, and it will make noise. Don’t worry, the noise will disappear by itself after suppressing it a few times.

Hydraulic Press Mold Loading Process

Generally speaking, the mold loading process of a hydraulic press can be done in two ways. One is cold ingot loading and the other is hot ingot loading. No matter which method is used, the most critical issue in the process is the determination of the height of the workbench.

Since the height of the hydraulic press directly affects its maximum mold height and height adjustment, the distance between the workpiece surface and the table backing surface must be reasonably controlled when loading the mold. When adjusting the height of the table, the parallel parameter also has a closed height. And the difference between it and the mold height is the proper height of the mold.

hydraulic press mould
hydraulic press mould

Since the processing accuracy of c-type hydraulic presses and molds of many manufacturers cannot meet the requirements, it will cause problems in the cooperation of molds and equipment. Generally, the mold is installed and debugged directly in the factory. If the mold needs to be replaced at a later stage, try to choose a professional mold factory and customize it according to the size of the hydraulic press, which can improve the accuracy. It can also be installed and debugged directly by the mold factory.

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