Hydraulic Press Maintenance and Maintenance Skills

Mechanical equipment needs to be well maintained in order to maximize the service life of the machine and create greater benefits for the company. Hydraulic press machines are no exception. This article will share some maintenance methods of hydraulic presses from various aspects, including the maintenance of various systems in the hydraulic press, as well as the maintenance before and after use. Hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Table of Content:

  1. According to the Maintenance Period
  2. According to the Maintenance Part
  3. Daily Maintenance Work
  4. Hydraulic Press Maintenance Skills

According to the Maintenance Period

1. Maintenance Before Use

① Check whether the oil pool, oil level, and oil mark meet the specified standards. If not, oil should be replenished in time.
② Check whether the button is flexible and free from jamming.
③ Check if the motor ground wire is loose, disconnected, or damaged. If it is loose, it should be tightened. If it falls off or is damaged, the maintenance personnel should be notified to deal with it.
④ Check whether the safety protection device is complete and reliable.
⑤ Check whether each handle is flexible.
⑥ Tighten the loose nuts of each part.

500T four column press
500T four column press

2. Maintenance In Use

① Start the hydraulic pump. Check if the hydraulic pump works well. Check the sealing parts and pipelines for blockage and leakage.
② Check whether the limit switch works well. Check whether the positioning of bumping blocks is normal.
③ Pay attention to whether the temperature rise of the moving parts and the sound are normal at any time.

3. Maintenance After Use

① Check and clean all moving parts.
② Each control handle (switch) is placed in neutral (zero position).
③ Check, clean, and organize the working surface and working area.

According to the Maintenance Part

1. Hydraulic Press Maintenance

① Check the leakage of the hydraulic cylinder.
② Check whether the action state of the hydraulic cylinder is normal.
③ Check whether the sound and temperature of the hydraulic cylinder are abnormal during operation.
④ Check the piston rod for scratches and adhesion of pollutants.
⑤ Check the state of the installation part of the hydraulic cylinder for looseness, cracks, occlusion, deformation, etc.
⑥ The column slider is often coated with lubricating oil to protect the lubricity of the slider.

2. Maintenance of Hydraulic Cylinders

① In addition to daily inspection, the connecting screws at all places should be tightened regularly.
② According to the specific working conditions of the hydraulic equipment, replace the seals regularly.
③ Pay attention to the cleanliness of the working medium.

3. Maintenance of the Operating System

① Scrub the joints and lubricate them in time. Realize flexible operation.
② Check and tighten the upper and lower cylinder heads, motor base, and anchor screws of the hammer body to ensure firm fastening.

400T h frame press
400T h frame press

4. Maintenance of the Lubrication System

① Clean the oil pump and filter.
② Scrub, check, and dredge the oil circuit to achieve good lubrication and eliminate oil leakage.

5. Maintenance of Supporting Electrical Appliances

① Clean and wipe the dust outside the motor and electrical box.
② Clean, check, and organize electrical circuits to achieve reasonable layout, firm connection, safety, and reliability.

Daily Maintenance Work

In the process of daily continuous improvement of maintenance, we must strictly regulate every employee of the company, improve the operation ability of each employee, and strengthen the ability of employees to use and maintain hydraulic machines. But we must also regulate each of our employees safe methods of operation. Thereby improving the safety proportion of employees at work, and then more effectively maintaining each piece of equipment and enhancing the company’s benefits.

① When using a hydraulic press, first check whether the circuit is normal and whether the parts of each part of the equipment are fastened.
② Operators must undergo professional training and work with certificates, and it is forbidden for untrained personnel to start the machine without authorization.
③ Check whether the oil tank is leaking, whether the hydraulic system has entered air leakage and other faults.
④ Compress the air a few times before working to ensure that the equipment can operate normally.
⑤ Work under the standard pressure, it is strictly forbidden to adjust the pressure beyond the pressure standard.
⑥ During the working process of the equipment, it is strictly forbidden for all parts of the human body to touch the moving parts of the equipment to avoid personal injury.
⑦ If the equipment fails, the circuit switch should be turned off immediately. And then check and repair.

150T four post press
150T four post press

Hydraulic Press Maintenance Skills

  • When the new equipment and the overhauled and reassembled equipment are in operation for half a month, the main stress-bearing connection parts of the equipment should be checked. Under the rated working pressure of 25Mpa, check whether each lock nut is loose. If it is found to be loose, it means that the accuracy of the equipment is not reliable, and the accuracy should be readjusted. It should be inspected once a year thereafter.
  • When the hydraulic press machine is out of service for a long time, all processing surfaces should be cleaned. Apply anti-rust oil, and add equal height supports (crossties or pads) to the workbench.
  • Check the pressure gauge and temperature control gauge frequently. If the meter value is inaccurate or damaged, it should be repaired or replaced.
  • When assembling and disassembling each component, it must be kept clean. It is forbidden for any sundries to enter the valve block and cause pollution.
  • Under the nominal pressure of 500T, the maximum allowable eccentricity of the concentrated load is 40mm. If the eccentricity is too large, the column may be strained or other adverse phenomena may occur.
  • Before the system is assembled, the oil tank must be carefully checked and cleaned to fill the inside of the oil tank and the pipeline with lubricating oil. Guaranteed to be clean, rust-free, and pollution-free.
  • If oil leakage is found, stop the machine to check and replace the sealing ring.
  • The slider should always be lubricated. The exposed surface of the column should always be kept clean. Oil should be injected before each work.
  • During the working process, the oil temperature in the fuel tank should be between 10 and 55°C. If the oil temperature is too high, stop working. Do not work until the oil temperature has cooled to avoid damage to the oil pump and seals. When the room temperature is lower than 20°C, use N32# anti-wear hydraulic oil as the working medium. When the room temperature is higher than 30°C, N46# anti-wear hydraulic oil should be selected as the working medium. The oil temperature should be controlled within 15°C-50°C.
2000T 4 column hydraulic press
2000T 4 column hydraulic press
  • It should be adjusted within the range of 25MPa of the rated working pressure of the hydraulic press according to actual needs. The working pressure should not be too high to prolong the service life of various pumps and valves, save energy and reduce system heat generation.
  • The oil must be kept clean and replaced every six months. It should not be used for more than 2 months for the first time. If the oil has not deteriorated, it can continue to be used after fine filtration. The oil filter in the fuel tank should be cleaned regularly. Whenever oil is filled into the tank, it must be strictly filtered. The leaked oil is not allowed to be directly poured back into the fuel tank, and the liquid level in the fuel tank should not be lower than the lower oil mark line.
  • The commissioning and maintenance of the hydraulic station of the hydraulic press require professionals. When the hydraulic assembly is disassembled, the parts should be placed in a clean place. Each sealed surface must not be scratched.
  • In order to prevent dust and water from falling into the oil, the area around the oil tank should be kept clean. In dusty environments, the fuel tank should be sealed with a cap. An air filter should be installed above the fuel tank to keep the inside of the fuel tank open to the atmosphere.
  • The oil suction filter of the oil pump in the hydraulic system must be cleaned regularly (about one month). Prevent failures such as insufficient oil suction of the oil pump, noise, and system pressure failure.
  • For systems with water coolers, sufficient cooling water should be maintained and the pipelines should be unblocked. For systems with air coolers, smooth ventilation should be maintained. Prevent the oil temperature from being too high.

The above is all the relevant knowledge about hydraulic press maintenance. I hope it can help you and prolong the service life of the hydraulic press. Zhengxi is a well-known hydraulic press manufacturing company in China, with professional technicians who can provide reliable hydraulic press machine related knowledge. If you want to know more, please follow us.

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