How to choose the size of the hydraulic press bench

The working table of the press is generally installed on the lower beam. Workbench size (unit: mm * mm) refers to the effective size available on the workbench. It reflects the plane size of the working space of the press and also reflects the plane outline size of the hydraulic press.

What is the Effective Size of the Press Working Table

The effective table size of the four-column hydraulic press: the width direction is the table size, and the length direction is the effective size inside the nut. Generally is calculated according to the inner side of the nut, because this size determines the maximum size of your mold. If there is a backing plate on the workbench, the size of the mold can be increased to the size of the inside of the column.

Some four-post presses are expressed by the center distance of the columns.

For a single-arm press, it is the distance from the center of the indenter to the inner surface (wall) of the frame. That is the throat depth.

workbench of 4-post press
Workbench of 4-post Press

How to Choose the Size of Hydraulic Press Bench

The size of the worktable directly affects the plane size of the installation mold and the maximum plane size of the workpiece that can be pressed. Generally, the plane size of the mold is smaller than the size of the worktable, and there is room for installation and fixing. However, the plane size of the mold cannot be made too much smaller than the size of the worktable, which is not conducive to the force on the worktable.

In order to facilitate production needs, large presses are often equipped with mobile worktables, which are responsible for the installation and fixation of molds, the ejection, and removal of forgings, etc. The ease of production operations and the precision of die forgings largely depend on the structure of the mobile table of the press. The workbench size at this time refers to the effective plane size of the mobile workbench. In addition to meeting the above requirements during use, it should also be noted that when the mobile workbench is moved out, the mold should be completely outside the outline of the fuselage to avoid damage during hoisting.

The size of the press table is not static but customized according to the customer’s processing needs. Usually related to mold size. The working surface of the four-column hydraulic press is customized according to different product processing. Some need slotting, some need blanking holes, some need flat surfaces, and some need larger workbenches, so all of these need custom-made production.

workbench of frame press
Workbench of Frame Press

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